A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor

I wanted to take a quick moment to show my appreciation for your Instructor, Robert Dummar. I was lucky enough to have Robert teach my Market Timing Orientation class in Charleston, SC this April. It’s an understatement to say that Robert lifted the veil of mystery on the markets in general. I learned more in those three days under Robert’s guidance than I had in several college classes. Not only did Robert educate me, but he shared his passion of the industry and lit my fire to not only learn, but to apply my education for real, life-changing benefits! Just last week I ran into Robert at the Raleigh office. I was taking my Core Strategy Class and Robert was doing another Market Timing Orientation class. Robert not only remembered me, but invited myself along with a few other interested students to sit in on a live online Mastermind Community Clubhouse XLT he was hosting that evening. WOW! The experience was eye opening, entertaining and enlightening! Robert explained complex material and ideas in a simple and comprehensible way. While I may not have understood all of it, I was able to understand the majority of it and the larger picture and concepts as a whole. Robert went above and beyond to include us in this event and it was greatly appreciated. It was both motivational and insightful to see what actually goes on at the Mastermind level. A big thanks to Robert, you’re a great instructor, motivator and a real asset to Online Trading Academy!

Adam Webb (Raleigh, NC)

This new career would have not been possible without the excellent support

I’m a new beginner with 4 months under my belt and I’m starting to get the confidence I need to become a professional futures trader. This new career would have not been possible without the excellent support and structure of all the instructors and staff at OTA. I want to specifically recognize the mentoring of Kareem Maghrabi without whom I would not be at this stage in my development. Kareem is a true professional who deeply cares about my success. He is always available and goes out of his way to help me understand the why’s and how’s we do trade analysis and plan for success. Individuals like Kareem are precious to the academy and its students. Thank you Kareem, your support has been exceptional.

Elie Bassal (West Palm Beach, FL)

what phenomenal lessons, power packed fundamental FX tutorial

I’m very passionate about FX, when I incidentally came across the free training, was extremely overjoyed that I’d finally get professional training. It was indeed a great opportunity that I attended the free training at Knowledge Village in Dubai. Oh! what phenomenal lessons, power packed fundamental FX tutorial. The following week, I attended one on one orientation “Financial Planning” with my counselor Ajmal, I was impressed with his intellectual and insight on the subject, he is a great mental opener. Though I didn’t qualify for further training, I benefited quite tremendously on that orientation. I hope one day I’ll afford the full course and gain the FX trading skills and strategies so that I can be winning big and losing less.

Nompumelelo Chaita (Dubai, UAE)

You’re a life changer in my life, for sure!

I know we were blessed to have such an absolutely phenomenal teacher for our Forex class. Thank you, Nikki, great job!!!!!!!! I know that you know just what you’ve done for each one of us because it’s your story too and you’ve been there. Thank you so much. You’re a life changer in my life, for sure!!!!!! Thank you again!!!!

Nico P. (Vancouver, Canada)

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