took away all the “myth” about stock trading

I really enjoyed this course because it took away all the “myth” about stock trading for me. I have learned so much within the 7 day course that it would have taken me years to understand by myself. Our instructor, Dale, explained all the terms and strategies in the simplest form possible. I would recommend everyone to take this course, even if you do not have a huge capital to invest. Eventually this trading skill will come across some point in our lives where we cannot just rely on bank interest and a financial advisor/planner anymore. I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing, to knowing that I can read a market trend. This gives me a better control of my financial portfolio and I am able to speak the same language as other people who trade, it’s great!!

Patty Ho (Vancouver, Canada)

This was another full-blown lesson on trading properly

I have reviewed all the materials online, and the ‘sample’ trade plan given to me by Michael to get going. I actually thought this might just be a ‘refresher’ class with a few questions answered…it was SOOOO much more than that. This was another full-blown lesson on trading properly, not just creating a proper trade plan. Every time I come to campus I leave with renewed vigor, excitement, and enthusiasm for trading.

Philip B. (Irvine, CA)

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