the instructor made the course imaginative and highly intelligent

The course was incredibly informative, but more importantly, the instructor made the course imaginative and highly intelligent from many different aspects by bringing in his own personal experiences and work experiences. Through that personal touch, the futures materials took on their own life, making a new impact on us as students, and left an educational curve that was both simplistic enough to understand and incredibly encouraging. His ability to interface with all present educational levels within the class was his most significant characteristic. As one knows, most of these courses have students of many experience levels present at any given time and I felt that John dealt with all of them equally and in a seamless manner. My feelings have definitely directed my interest to any XLTs and any futures classes that John Rowland will offer going forward in OTA.

Louis Stanzione (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

The depth of the education you get from them is endless

I have used other trading programs in the past and always had a problem getting the help I needed to improve my trading. The main reason I came to Online Trading Academy is that they have real people to help you and a physical place to get that help and instruction. The depth of the education you get from them is endless and the magnitude of the knowledge that the instructors have is the greatest. I’m so glad that I heard the ad on the radio and would highly recommend to anyone wondering whether they should call, to just do it…you won’t regret it!

Liz Goddard (Baltimore, MD)

This is a great place to learn and grow

Everything about OTA is great. The staff, counsellor and instructors are amazing. They truly care about your education and want to see you succeed. They will also keep working with you until you fully understand the information, whether by appointment or by email, they always make themselves available. This is a great place to learn and grow. A lot of free courses and materials out there online don’t teach you everything that you need to know. They give you small amounts of information and tools that you can use and that’s it!!!! You have no one to help or guide you. When you have a question, it takes them days to months to reply back. Even then you get a single sentence response, which isn’t helpful. This is not a good thing because not having the knowledge and support can be a very EXPENSIVE learning curve. OTA really helps you by giving you a full education and all of the answers. A lot of people are turned off because of the price and that’s understandable, but knowledge and an education isn’t free, I don’t care what you’re trying to learn. You can try taking an art or wine tasting class and that costs. The length of time it’ll take you to fully learn the markets and the psychological aspect of the markets, you could have cut that in half by enrolling. You’ll learn while making money and hopefully paying off the courses with your profits. And lastly, they don’t give you this false idea that you’ll become a millionaire over night. They explain to you the risks and teach you how to manage and become more responsible with trading and your finances.

Kamilah Amica (Atlanta, GA)

OTA is the real deal

OTA is the real deal. They give you an institutional perspective to avoid novice traps. EVERYONE in the OTA community who I have encountered is extremely supportive and wants you to succeed! I am now continuing my education into the mastermind community, which I foresee will pay for itself within a short time!

Elizabeth Knopf (Phoenix, AZ)

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