the whole experience was just fantastic

The Instructor, Mike Mc Mahon, was a great experience all onto itself. He was both clear and extensive in his teachings. It did not feel rushed at all; he took the time to answer all questions, give us amazing analogies, added a lot of content to the handbook slides, and provided us with additional document handouts for our benefit. He kept the class moving while providing the individual attention. The depth of his knowledge and experience was a real treat. Would take another class with him any time! I was hesitant about taking an online class because the “In Center” class was so great. However, after having the first Online Class with Mike, I will definitely be taking more online classes because the whole experience was just fantastic. I cannot say enough good things about Mike other than to thank him again for such passion!! Also I need to note that the support person Gregg Lumpkin was extremely helpful and worked with me all through a lunch hour on a technical issue I was having. Thanks, Gregg.

Silvia Gallardo (Boston, MA)

I appreciate the honesty from everyone involved

I feel that I have been introduced to many tools that will give me the opportunity to positively change my financial future. I appreciate the honesty from everyone involved in my education that this will take work and time and is not a get rich quick scheme. I also like the fact that community support from the school is strongly suggested. So far the overall experience has been very positive.

Christian Hafferty (Seattle, WA)

It’s remarkable to be able to pick turns in the market

Core Strategy is unlike anything I’ve seen in trend analysis. It’s remarkable to be able to pick turns in the market. Steve’s personal anecdotes lends credence to examples and makes them more interesting…giving a real life example. Also, appreciated Steve was not monotone and active all around the room. I felt that I could grab his attention, and he wasn’t isolated.

Dan Hawkins (Phoenix, AZ)

Everyone is always willing to answer any questions

We now feel we have the educational tools and support to make our dream to trade professionally a reality and our confidence is buoyed by knowing we have great instructors and support who will be there to help us on our journey. Everyone is always willing to answer any questions we have and stick with us to make sure we have the understanding and skills of the trade to be successful.

Dale & Laurel J. (Worldwide)

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