I could not have picked a better academy

I have been a student of OTA now for around two years, coming in to the industry without any experience whatsoever. I have currently taken both the Forex classes and the latest Futures Class with Sam Evans. In my opinion, I could not have picked a better academy to train and build my knowledge with, the courses are both very professionally structured along with the instructors themselves being of a very high standard. Excellent all round.

Bryan Cassar (London, UK)

I have found the experience to be rewarding both intellectually and financially

Online Trading Academy has provided me with excellent on location and online trading education. I have been trained in Forex, Futures and Options to advanced levels which has culminated in access to the Mastermind class. This is the elite trading level group in OTA. I have found the experience to be rewarding both intellectually and financially.

Andrew Hindle (Dubai, UAE)

I Love All the OTA Instructors

I Love All the OTA Instructors, but I Really Love how Engaging Chuck Is! He is very clear in communicating his complex strategies in a very comprehensive yet methodical and easy way to understand, all with the most engaging and endearing personality.

Ruben Dante (Los Angeles, CA)

It is not a scam, you learn A LOT

At the beginning I was a little afraid about this program. It seemed too good to be true and a little bit too expensive. I had people coming over to me and trying to put me down, but I stuck to my decision. I graduated from college with a degree in Finance. What I learned in the Market Timing Class + Pro Trader Part 1 I didn’t learn in a year and a half worth of finance classes. I am really enjoying the course so far, and would really recommend this to other people. It is not a scam, you learn A LOT, and it is totally up to you to make this work. They teach you everything you need to know to be successful and it is up to us to take it forward.

Izabela Melo (Norwalk, CT)

The learning opportunities are tremendous

OTA is a great place to learn the best/consistent way in trading for long term and short term wealth creation. The learning opportunities are tremendous through its professional educators, who are professional traders and/or investors, and also the communities it has. Their experience and its patented core strategies is a synergy which is hard to come by to play a high probability winning game in trading.

Kok Chuan Lim (Singapore)

the instructor made the course imaginative and highly intelligent

The course was incredibly informative, but more importantly, the instructor made the course imaginative and highly intelligent from many different aspects by bringing in his own personal experiences and work experiences. Through that personal touch, the futures materials took on their own life, making a new impact on us as students, and left an educational curve that was both simplistic enough to understand and incredibly encouraging. His ability to interface with all present educational levels within the class was his most significant characteristic. As one knows, most of these courses have students of many experience levels present at any given time and I felt that John dealt with all of them equally and in a seamless manner. My feelings have definitely directed my interest to any XLTs and any futures classes that John Rowland will offer going forward in OTA.

Louis Stanzione (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

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