Josip made the class understandable

I am so glad I took the course with Josip Causic. 🙂 He dumbed the course down into the nuts and bolts of what is important and guided us through the minefield of possibly confusing and irrelevant directions. Josip made the class understandable, he was fun and took a realistic, light-hearted approach. Instead of the class being incredibly difficult, Josip focused on what was important and relevant.

Isaac Martens (Toronto, Canada)

Online Trading Academy does a superb job

Online Trading Academy does a superb job at laying the groundwork for being a successful trader. This class provides you with most basic and fundamental information to dive into the more complicated aspects of trading. It has taught me that learning the terminology and basics makes it much easier to succeed and learn in more difficult situations. My instructor, Tillie Allison, was extremely thorough and detailed in her explanations and recommendations. She never moved on until everyone understood and was on the same page.

Coleman Daniel (Kansas City, MO)

real traders with decades of experience, always willing to help

My experience at OTA in Norwalk, CT has been nothing short of phenomenal. OTA offers instructors who are real traders with decades of experience, always willing to help with any questions you may have, in class or out of class via email. The staff is always pleasant, courteous and professional, offering tons of support whenever I needed it. I’m a nurse by profession, with no prior trading experience, and have only been trading live since January, and I’m already doing very well in the futures and Forex markets. I plan to trade full time by the end of this year. I recommend OTA for anyone who has a desire to learn how to successfully trade the financial markets.

Rudy Brown (Norwalk, CT)

there is a wealth of support to help you improve

You hear all sorts of promises of performance when seeking an education. It’s when the feedback and corrective mechanism is integrated into the program when you gain confidence that this ambition will produce results…You can get out whatever you put in regarding most things in life. However, in the case of OTA, once you’ve put your effort in, there is a wealth of support to help you improve the next phase.

Randy Michaelis (Dallas, TX)

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