I met many wonderful instructors and counselors

I met many wonderful instructors and counselors at the Atlanta Online Trading Academy Campus. Sumit Kukreja was one of those wonderful education counselors. He was extremely helpful as I started at Online Trading Academy. Sumit helped me with my educational path by finding very affordable financing options, allowing me to get all the OTA resources needed to put me on track to becoming a successful trader. Sumit also helped me upgrade my old computer with a very reasonable new computer loaded with all the specs to run multiple trading platforms. His assistance has been invaluable!

Preetha Prabhu (Atlanta, GA)

OTA is not just the class to me

OTA is not just the class to me, it’s a very supporting community. This trading world is not easy and it’s the lonely world if you are trying to figure everything out by yourself; but OTA makes it feels secure by the support of the OTA staff and experienced and very cool fun instructors who are ready to answer any questions about trading for us.

Didi Banks (Los Angeles, CA)

I am pleased with the training facility & the support

As a victim of the Oilfield layoffs in the Houston area; I found that at age 66 I needed to learn a new way to earn an income (since my Social Security check will not pay my bills, and the prospects of getting hired in this market at my age is not likely to happen). I will likely have to relocate to another city as well. As such, the Online Trading Academy approach looks to be a way for me to do that. I think this approach will allow me to support myself from where ever I relocate to. While I have only taken a couple of classes so far, I am pleased with the training facility & the support of the great staff here at the Houston office.

Charles Knighton (Houston, TX)

Being a student of OTA is one of the greatest things to happen to me

Being a student of OTA is one of the greatest things to happen to me. The education is first class, the facilities available to me are extensive and comprehensive, and the online learning resources are constantly evolving to suit modern educational needs. All of these provide the platform for me to achieve my ambition of becoming a successful trader. This is a very special community, from the master traders all the way down to beginners. Having been fortunate enough to visit centers both in the UK and Irvine, you can feel the warmth and positivity throughout the whole OTA network.

Graham Taylor (London, UK)

The training is outstanding

The day I stepped through the door of OTA Norwalk was the day that a dream I had became a reality. I had been searching for a place to get the training I needed to become a successful trader that also had a great support system. Not just “take the money and run”! OTA, was all I needed and more. The training is outstanding and the instructors are knowledgeable. Not to mention they are located in their own brick and mortar building so they’re not going anywhere. I’m sure the relationships built and the skills learned will be something I will treasure for years to come.

Gregory Hannibal (Norwalk, CT)

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