I now look at charts in a very different way

I recently attended the core strategy class. My teacher came across as very passionate about the course material. He had a professional demeanor and it is exactly what I thought I paid for. He did not let me down. Learning about supply and demand was an eye opening experience. I now look at charts in a very different way. I look forward to attending futures asset classes.

Tom Palomino (Sacramento, CA)

They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

I feel like I have definitely progressed throughout the week. I am excited to continue my learning once I leave class. It is also incredibly good to know that I have an amazing support team available to me here at OTA Phoenix that I can access for help with whatever I need. That fact really is huge and I believe it separates OTA from other trading schools. They don’t just leave you to fend for yourself after class!

Mike Dibble (Phoenix, AZ)

I will forever be grateful for your patience and insights

I was introduced to OTA over a year ago, and subsequently signed up for the Forex asset class. After taking several repeat classes with Jody Wong (whom is brilliant! And entitled to his own separate review)… I have been tutored at the WPB location by no other than Kareem Makgraby, a bright and dedicated young man who has, by his generosity of time and extraordinary skills, helped me go from 0 to 100 in a matter of days! I feel that, from having been taught all the basics and an exclusive trading strategy from a brilliant instructor Jody Wong, and having been groomed by his protege, Kareem… I am ready to use my trading knowledge and turn it into a second mid life career as a Forex trader. The academy is a great place to get started with any asset class, but it is the staff, like Kareem, that makes it exceptional! Thank you a million K!! I will forever be grateful for your patience and insights. OTA and all of us in South FL are extremely lucky to have you!

Alexandra Fournier (West Palm Beach, FL)

It’s been a good couple of weeks here

Last year I retired from a federal career and invested my TSP with a money management firm. After an initial meeting, I felt confident that they would be able to keep my money safe, and help it grow. But a couple of months later I realized that I was losing almost $1000 each month. I heard about Online Trading Academy and decided to find out more of what they could offer. After just two classes, Core Strategy and Futures, I am now ready to go head to head with my money ‘mis’-management company, get my money back, and start taking care of 20 years of savings the right way, my way, the way OTA has taught, and is still, teaching me. It’s been a good couple of weeks here, being in a quickly paced but thorough learning environment. Joel is here to help figure which classes will help us meet our goals …Ron is here to help out and answer questions, and Jenafer is always running around making sure that we have food and drinks to help us through the day, also there to answer any questions we might have. I want to thank you all for being here for us …. with plenty of resources to turn to even after our classes have finished.

Rick Francisco (Phoenix, AZ)

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