my knowledge has grown at an awesome rate

I came to OTA with barley any knowledge of the market or how many assets it included. Between January 2015 when I attended the Market timing class, and now May 1st post Forex, my knowledge has grown at an awesome rate. I personally don’t think you can acquire knowledge this fast and in-depth anywhere else.

John Owen (Norwalk, CT)

World class trainers..winning techniques

This is the real deal. World class trainers..winning techniques. After spending thousands of dollars on inferior programs I am elated and fortunate to have found OTA–a program that’s both thorough and advanced in their education program. I mean, how can you fail if you follow the well taught lessons properly and take advantage of the lifetime of free retakes of the classes you pay for just one time? And there’s more. Just…wow. A Godsend.

Brian Gibbs (New York, NY)

OTA delivers the education, tools and support to be successful

OTA’s after class continuing education and support is a great return for the tuition. What top college lets students repeat classes for free? Especially if the student’s success is evasive. None; not USC, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford. And these colleges’ yearly tuition are twice or more than OTA. OTA delivers the education, tools and support to be successful for life.

Gregory Santana (Irvine, CA)

Josip does a great job

Josip does a great job relating what we are learning with stories we can relate to. He is sharing his actual life experience which I appreciate since we are all attempting to grow in the way that he already has. Good to know he has some of the same struggles that I have with the size of the accounts we need to handle and what to do about it.

Howard Ross (Irvine, CA)

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