I find OTA is like a family

OTA has been a great way for me to learn the art and methodologies of successful trading. I will say that I had sticker shock with the pricing, but over time using the techniques taught I expect to recover my investment within the first year. Everyone I have met is super friendly, approachable and willing to help me or point me to the best resources. The classes are on site and online, they have some brilliant instructors such as Eric Burleigh, Josip Causic and Ken Peterson that not only answer your classroom questions but give you time on a one on one basis to help with individual questions and concerns. I find OTA is like a family or community willing to help me obtain my online trading financial goals with a vested interest in me being successful. There are lifetime class retakes with my spouse and I have access to the instructors at all times as my mentors. I highly recommend OTA Seattle if you are motivated to learn, practice and be successful in online trading of stocks, options, futures or forex.

Steve Pratt (Seattle, WA)

The course was very thorough

The course was very thorough and provided very clear coverage of core strategy and Forex “mechanics”. There was a good mix of lectures and practical work. Louise’s knowledge was encyclopedic and her enormous experience level gave direction and strength to the tuition provided by the course. First class! Thanks very much!

Brian Moss (London, UK)

OTA Atlanta has far exceeded my expectations!

OTA Atlanta has far exceeded my expectations! I came to take my trading to a higher level. And the trading has improved greatly. But I am most excited about learning more and more the intricacies of the investment/financial world. The curriculum is robust, made to accelerate learning; the instructors are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to the student. I am very fortunate to have Adam Matisko as my coach. Adam is optimistic, cheerful, bullish and it is contagious. A great listener, he presented me with what OTA had to offer me and worked diligently to define several paths I could take to start my learning journey. I look forward to every class for I am always greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff that cares and energizes me. I recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn to trade successfully and less stressfully.

Icela Rodger (Atlanta, GA)

OTA is the best academy for anyone aspiring to become a trader

Some of the values I like of OTA as Trading Academy: 1) Doing the right thing 2) Client Satisfaction 3) Fostering innovation 4) Commitment to bring change.
As a corporate professional, I have experienced these firm values in my career. Like any global organisation, the values are well implemented in India as well.
OTA is the best academy for anyone aspiring to become a trader. Traditionally, knowledge on stock market was gathered by shadowing an existing trader with minimal rules and regulations. The knowledge and dedication of instructors motivates me to put the very best which results in win-win situation. I wish OTA luck to venture new areas of Trading and inculcate best practices in every OTA student.

Bhaskar Mehta (Mumbai, India)

I am lucky to be part of such a professional and dedicated organization!

OTA- I think of OTA as family. From the first “orientation” to the weekend intro course I knew this organization was truly different. As former law enforcement, I was skeptical of sales pitches and the unknown but in my gut I felt comfortable. As they say, always trust your gut. I proceeded with signing up for the MMC. The pro-trader course was informative and the class was eager to learn. A diverse group of folks from various age groups, backgrounds and experiences all intensely listened as the instructor walked us through the material and reinforced core strategy with examples from his “real world” experience. At the end of the week that diverse class had become new family members of OTA. I was humbled to be asked to speak a few words to the “weekend class” who, by the looks on their faces, were skeptical. From this class I have taken the remaining asset classes and also am interactive with XLT, HWP, and Merlin’s evening radio show, but most importantly the MM clubhouse sessions. I have been truly lucky to be surrounded with passionate instructors and OTA staff to encourage and support me. I am lucky to be part of such a professional and dedicated organization!

Bobbie Sheils (Brooklyn, NY)

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