OTA is the real deal

OTA is the real deal, Plain and simple. Apply the rules taught by OTA, spread your wings and fly high as a professional trader. The highest compliment is gratitude, and I am grateful to OTA for providing a high level of financial education.

Eric Booker (Irvine, CA)

The transparency gives you a feeling of family

What I enjoy in regards to Online Trading Academy is the connection that I feel to the staff. Their stories are so relatable to what we all have gone through in the past and are currently going through now. We are all struggling in one way or another and are hungry for something different in our lives and they have gone through it surpassing the hardships while laying the foundation for us to follow. The fact that the students that have gone through the program not only have made a substantial change in their life but are so willing to help you do the same speaks wonders. The transparency gives you a feeling of family and togetherness that you don’t typically feel in these trying times; and that Compassion is what makes OTA such an amazing experience.

Kevin Sharpe (Atlanta, GA)

The part about changing lives is not just rhetoric

I was surprised to learn that the OTA truly cares about its students and each individual’s welfare on the most basic of human levels. The part about changing lives is not just rhetoric to collect tuition. When you join the OTA you join a larger community of traders, and those traders welcome everyone regardless of experience. The OTA embraces those students who are motivated to learn the core principles and become professional traders. It’s a great adventure and I recommend it to all. If you sign up you will be encouraged (and challenged) to grow in ways few people ever experience. You’ll make some new friends too!

Jeff Bullio (San Jose, CA)

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