really taught me how to “see” the market

Anyone sincerely interested in trading needs good education as trading is a skill and an art of a very unique kind. There is so much to know and learn and yet there is a simplistic approach to flow with the flow of markets. Basically, it is the art of “seeing”. If one can “see” the real opportunities, then there is possibility to make $$$. OTA has created a fantastic program that really taught me how to “see” the market. Thank you for transforming the complex jungle of trading to simple graceful art of trading.

Satish Dholakia (Los Angeles, CA)

I have learned a lot and am getting better every day

I have been with Online Trading for about six months and although I haven’t mastered the art of trading I have learned a lot and am getting better every day. Watching the online recordings are very helpful. It’s a must. Also, I would like to thank Ed Huggins for all his help. He is there anytime I have a question or problem and is quick to respond. Thank you Ed.

Daniel Spacek (Houston, TX)

I get absolute truthful answers to my questions, “unadorned” with any hidden agenda

I have interviewed countless CPAs, CFPs, financial advisers, attorneys, estate planners… whatever, and it seems they all have the perfect solution to my problem. And what a coincidence! It just happens to be what they are selling… life insurance, annuities, social security adjustment… whatever. OTA is also selling something. They want me to take more classes. (Okay. They are a for profit business after all). But along the way I get absolute truthful answers to my questions, “unadorned” with any hidden agenda. And, wonderfully (and unlike ANYONE else), they have NO FEAR of the market or of working its subtleties.
OTA folks are not your Buy and Hold, “Don’t worry, your tanking stock is sure to come back… some day” folks. If something’s not working out pretty quickly, they are out of it. Plus, they will trade ANYTHING… Stocks, Bonds, Euro, Gold, ETFs, Soybeans, not to mention Diagonal Bear Put Spreads on futures on the S&P 500, etc., etc. Just try convincing your rep at Morgan Stanley, or Schwab, or Wells Fargo Advisors to do that! Are they expensive? Well, let’s just say they are not cheap. However, if you take all of what they have to offer, you’ll get what amounts to an entire college education over the course of only about six weeks and for the price of about one year’s tuition at a decent university (and without having to waste your time taking all those annoying and non-productive classes on the History of the Mesopotamian Bot Fly either). And don’t forget – like the bumper sticker says, “If you think education is expensive – try ignorance!”

Jim Knapp (San Diego, CA)

I learned how to get in charge of my investments

OTA teaches you how you can handle trading and investment in a intelligent way. I learned how to get in charge of my investments. It is not an easy road and it does take time to build the confidence but I can handle my 401K and IRA (with ETFs) along with some day trading for a little extra income trading future contracts.

Arnold Rivas (Houston, TX)

has been very helpful to me personally

Spencer Lewis has been very generous with his time and effort in answering several questions and in demonstrating various uses of the platform and how to navigate our online resources. He always has a very willing attitude in helping others to understand the answers to their questions. He is an outstanding resource person to the students and has been very helpful to me personally.

Bill Sheffield (Minneapolis, MN)

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