All the educators I met there were positive and professional

I found an ad for Online Trading Academy on Facebook; they were having a free class which included a mini tablet. Come on, who doesn’t want to get a free tablet and learn something in the process?! I went on to finish their 3 day workshop. I am a beginner so it was packed full of information. I went to bed the first night with trading words pinging around in my head, dreaming charts. I had a great time; the teacher was very smart with an excellent sense of humor and my coach was stellar. I met so many cool people, teachers and students alike; it was a blast. I have signed up for the Pro Trading education program and am soooo excited. I have already met my instructors, one is huge like an army sergeant (with a smile). I know I am going to have to pay attention! All the educators I met there were positive and professional. The administrators who really run the place are very nice and have super cool hair. I am looking forward to having a physical as well as an online place to go to for my lifetime that is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks OTA, for a great three day learning experience.
The Burnaby BC Canada academy Rocks!! Go Canada! Oh and I almost forgot, the food was delicious.

Michelle James (Vancouver, Canada)

have found the class to be very helpful

I am a 62 year old retired school principal and am new to trading; in fact I just completed my Pro Trader 7 day class in September of 2016 and the Futures class in November. I am taking the Online Futures Retake taught by Ryan Watkins and have found the class to be very helpful and is assisting in understanding the content. I appreciate Ryan’s style and delivery. It has helped me a great deal. Thank you Ryan!

David Jones (Philadelphia, PA)

He was able to talk in terms that were easy to understand

Mike was extremely knowledgeable. He understands every aspect of what OTA has to offer. He was able to talk in terms that were easy to understand for the novice. He shared his own personal stories and never acted like a salesman trying to jam a product down my throat. If I could get even close to his ability to understand the markets I would feel accomplished. Thanks Mike.

Mark W. (Boston, MA)

Thomas Joyce gave a great class

Thomas Joyce gave a great class. I really need to retake some days over; overall Mr.Joyce put everything out on the table for all to understand in a GOOD format. I wish some day I will teach a class as good as he did. THANK YOU Thomas.

Victor Pedroza (Denver, CO)

I am completely happy with my experiences with both corporate and local OTA

When I was first contacted by OTA in July 2014 I was very skeptical of getting involved with yet another “expert” on the markets. I have been trading since 1996 and have had many, many companies approach me over the years. Some I have become involved with but most I have dismissed. I started with a free half day seminar just to see what they had to offer. I was impressed and moved forward to a 3 day seminar and then became a customer. They call us students and the term is completely appropriate. OTA has a company philosophy of being there for its students with a goal of educating them in the OTA method of trading and of how the markets work so that they can be successful traders. OTA has an amazingly full suite of education available for every type of trader, whether you trade daily, swing trade or long term and all markets – stocks, futures, forex, options. When you sign up to take a course with OTA, you get lifetime retakes on the course as well as 3 to 5 two hour online live classes in the markets. They also have a ton of supplementary educational support tools such as a weekly newsletter, email support to ask any question you want, review of your individual trades, a daily internet radio show, student and instructor blogging, weekly specialty training, weekly core strategy review and more. This is all included as being a student at OTA and having taken one course with them. All of that is from the corporate OTA office. We also have an amazing local office in Minnesota where every student has an education counselor you can discuss your trading with, special student support staff, monthly review sessions, special training from time to time. All of this is free as part of being a student of OTA. I am completely happy with my experiences with both corporate and local OTA. So much so that I have recently joined their MasterMind Club; and that has been even more enlightening and beneficial than I expected. I recommend OTA to anyone who wants to truly learn how to trade in any financial market.

Chuck Phillips (Minneapolis, MN)

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