Thank you for the excellence in education

Last week Chuck Fulkerson had asked us to submit a review for the Pro Trader XLT he gave to the class. The letter is attached. I’d only add I’ve attended Platform Immersion, Trade Plan Prep and now have completed my second day of Futures with Don Dawson. All equally amazing.

Dear Chuck Fulkerson,

I wrote a lot of letters while serving as a medic in the US Army. That experience helped me become a very good note taker in college and now here with OTA. As example, this last week I recorded 16 pages of notes, (two lines, single-spaced) while attending the Tim Pesut Pro Trader class here in Minneapolis, and this wasn’t my first experience with the material.

Before I review Tim’s class, I would like to share that I’ve been with OTA for about one year, attending all asset classes within the first four months or so. My wife and I decided to move back to our home state after twenty-four years of practicing as Chiropractor in Wisconsin, and, to make a long story short, I needed to hire an associate doctor to free up my schedule. The process took a bit longer than I anticipated, which caused a lapse in my learning curve. Enrolling in the retake course has been enlightening, and based on taking multiple classes with differing instructors, my exposure to the OTA Program has been significant.

I’m not sure I can properly communicate to you the words to describe how impressed I am with the quality education and instructors who facilitate the OTA Program. I’ve been around the block a few times: B.S. degree, Doctorate in Chiropractic, multiple postgraduate certification programs, continuing ed., etc. My experience with the OTA instructors can be summed up in one word – amazing! From Mike Siewruk who did the Market Timing Workshop (a big reason why I joined OTA with my son Josh as MMC) to Scott Chrisan-Pro Trader, Ed Ponsi-Forex, and Craig Weil-Futures – all my instructors were informative, inviting, and very accommodating. They relay difficult material with patience and compassion. And they are genuinely interested in their students’ comprehension. Whatever policies and procedures are being used by OTA for selecting instructors, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Most recently, the Tim Pesut’s lecture in Minneapolis last week was over the top. The best week of education I’ve ever experienced anywhere. It was like being in the room with Mad Money Cramer amount of information yet taught to us in a much more John Wayne relaxed style of learning. I’m sure he would love that comparison. Tim’s ability to share market interrelationships and the dynamics of many asset classes as well as Equities was phenomenal; his material resonates with returners (like myself) and the first timers, who though feeling overwhelmed are able to glean important take-a-ways from his talks because of the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere Tim creates.

In addition to the material and instructors, this center is another example of OTA’S commitment to excellence. Kevin Young, the owner, is very dedicated and supportive to the needs of our students. Ray Hague runs a very smooth program. Monica keeps us all organized. My counselor, Shawn Johnson, and the student support staff, Spencer Lewis and Stephanie Struzyk, seem to always be available and eager to assist the students with their needs.

In summary, my experience with OTA across the board has been nothing short of a “WOW.” As I get ready to go live, I’m sure there will be struggles and many challenges. When I do have to face them I know there is a team of people available and ready to help.

Thank you for the excellence in education.

James Barr (Minneapolis, MN)

I learned a lot

Great trading class experience. I learned a lot and can’t wait start my trading with options. And awesome staff in Woodland Hills.

Dexter Carlos (Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA)

Chris Manson took me to the next level

I just wanted to emphasize that Chris Manson took me to the next level. He did not hold back showing us students what it takes to become successful. He put it together for me and took the time to explain price action in a way I hadn’t heard before. I can now ring the register and be more confident to either go in the other direction or wait for the pull back to get back in. THANK YOU CHRIS MANSON!!!!

Aldo Moreno (Orlando, FL)

we have received outstanding educational instruction and unbelievable support from everyone

My husband and I have been with the Online Trading Academy center in Boston, MA since March 2016. Since that time we have received outstanding educational instruction and unbelievable support from everyone we have encountered within the OTA organization. If you want to learn to be a trader, this is the ONLY place to go. All of OTA’s instructors are experts in the asset classes they teach, having been professional traders with years of experience trading in the market. Check out their online bios. This is one impressive group! We are just completing a 5-day seminar on trading Forex (the foreign currency market) with instructor Keith Gibson. Keith really knows his stuff! He has the ability to bring this complicated subject down to where even a new trader can understand and be successful.

Karen & Bill Bellavance (Boston, MA)

It’s not an easy journey but if you want it, you are at the right place

If you are seriously looking for a centre that will provide you with all the structured training elements required to make you a professional trader, go to Online Trading Academy Dubai. I started my trading journey as a complete novice in February 2015 by attending their power trading workshop followed by the market timing class. As many of the other students were, I was at first a little suspicious whether or not this program was genuine. I did some research and found they have been based in Dubai since 2007 and after speaking to many of the staff and the instructor, I took the leap and signed up for their forex, futures and options trading course packages and have never looked back. If you are committed, disciplined, focused and desire real change, their team will support you with all that you need to become a professional trader. This is a journey not a one off course. A little over a year down the line and I am already very confident. A great part of the packages are the classroom courses which you can retake as well as their online extended learning training (XLT) courses which allow you to log in any time and attend live or recorded sessions and practice their techniques yourself at home. I have already clocked 3000 hours of study and looking forward to going at trading full time. It’s not an easy journey but if you want it, you are at the right place. I recently went on to Investopedia and looked up trading schools. I was pleased to see OTA at the top of the list and very pleased I didn’t drop out after the first class. Want to trade professionally? Get in touch with these guys! I highly recommend my Education Counselor, Sibi Raja.

Caleb Steiner (Dubai, UAE)

What is more impressive is the dedication and patience of the instructors

I finished this ignite course recently and I am immensely satisfied and benefited with the course content and the value it offered. What is more impressive is the dedication and patience of the instructors and mentors who are willing to go the extra mile to make you learn. This is my honest and sincere feeling from the personal experience and interaction I had with my mentors so far. However, if anyone thinks it is a shortcut to make money, it is not and one needs to really practice and I am happy my mentor is hand holding me with the right guidance and learning experience.

H Sivarama Krishnan (Mumbai, India)

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