The OTA experience is phenomenal

The OTA experience is phenomenal. Before now I was terrified of trading. In just a few short days I have become so knowledgeable and informed on strategies to invest, strategies to implement, & the mentality necessary to create the disciplines necessary to achieve my goals. Our goal is to upgrade to the Mastermind system and become a part of the OTA experience for Life.

Enoch Purnell (Los Angeles - Westwood, CA)

excellent in their ability to teach the Online Trading Academy’s core strategies

The instructors and local teachers at the Online Trading Academy are excellent in their ability to teach the Online Trading Academy’s core strategies. It is not an easy skill to learn, it depends on the individual’s willingness to commit to learn the strategies. However, the instructors and local teacher/helpers, especially Ryan, Nick and Alex, are the best and are there to help you become the successful trader one wants to be.

Ray Spicher (Denver, CO)

Fantastic curriculum

I just finished attending the Professional Trader Class! Fantastic curriculum! Extremely knowledgeable, helpful instructor and staff!

Nicholas Rump (Milwaukee, WI)

The instructional materials are real world and very relevant

After hearing their Ads on radio for many years and realizing that I wanted to take my trading knowledge/education to a higher level – I decided to attend their free introductory 1/2 day seminar. It answered the questions that I had had about my own investing style and showed me a pathway where I certainly could do much, much better. Key is the understanding of how the Institutions buy and sell equities/Futures -at WHOLESALE. Completely different mindset for the average trader who grew up listening and acting upon the advice of the different investment advisers. Until you understand how the “game” is manipulated by the Fed. Reserve, Big Banks and the “Plunger Team” you will not be a successful trader. For a stock it is no longer just to be profitable or make a good product or to have great earnings – which many do not have, rather it is all about the “money flow”. When are the Institutions buying and when are they selling – this is what you will learn from OTA! The instructional materials are real world and very relevant. Facilities and Staff in Houston are top notch and the specialized Instructors they bring in are tops in their field, and they themselves trade daily as well as sharing examples. At least try the Free 1/2 day introductory seminar – you owe it to yourself!

Vic Gelsomino (Houston, TX)

With the class you get access to everything you could ever need

OTA hosts the most engaging, supportive, and comprehensive classes to help jump start your trading adventure. When I took the class, I was 20. There was a giant age range spanning from 13 through 60’s. This is truly for all ages. Everyone worked amazingly as a team. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and is a former student himself. Being that he was a former student, he could easily bring his explanations down to our level. OTA has an amazing, fool-proof strategy. With this strategy, you don’t have to be right 100% of the time to be profitable. With the class, you get access to everything you could ever need. Pro-picks are posted everyday and there are many other online classes to watch and attend at your leisure. Once a part of OTA, they never leave your side.

Lauren Knight (Baltimore, MD)

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