Learned to filter out the noise

They changed the way I invest. Learned to filter out the noise and listen to the important parts of the markets. This increases your confidence level and makes for a cooler more calmer trading environment.

Michael Culotta (Toronto, Canada)

Very good priceless learning experience

Option course has been taken at new address in Toronto. Pleasant to say I found very good priceless learning experience with professional instructor trader, Greg Hadley. Course was well organized with good technical and materials support from Jamie Nedelkov. Highly recommend to attend OTA courses in Toronto location, easy to reach to new address by highway 404 and 401. Thanks.

Yuriy Nigovan (Toronto, Canada)

the learning never ends

My experience with the Atlanta OTA has been incredible. I have learned how to take control of my retirement accounts, and the learning never ends. I also discovered a lot about myself during my education, and am making changes in my personal life as a result of my experiences. Both the staff and the students seem like family to each other, everyone is warm and open, and willing to share or assist you. We are taught how to change the way we approach our finances and trading – something that the big banks and financial institutions will not do. You owe it to yourself to check it out – the younger you are, the better off you’ll be!

Jack Brock (Atlanta, GA)

Thanks David and OTA for a great two days!!!

David Fong is an excellent instructor. He has a very pleasing personality that instantly puts you at ease. He understands the material backward & forward and presents it in a clear, understandable way. He cares about his students and is patient with those of us who need a little more help. Unfortunately, I’m only able to take Part I at this time. I’m disappointed that I I’m unable to continue the week with David for Part II. Thanks David and OTA for a great two days!!!

Gayle Ellerbe (Orlando, FL

OTA has been the best thing that has ever happened to us

OTA has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. My wife and I are both learning to trade. Our goal is to “retire” to trading for income. OTA is the vehicle that is helping us do that. Instructors are very knowledgeable and well trained in teaching skills. The office is gorgeous – very functional. The staff are very helpful and understanding. If trading is something that you want to learn to do and do well, this is the place to do it.

Kendall White (Dallas, TX)

spent a year trying to teach myself, I am only now beginning to really see

My experience in the OTA has been eye opening. As a novice trader, who had spent a year trying to teach myself, I am only now beginning to really see the big picture. I found the error in my previous approach and now am able to clearly see a direction and strategy to be a successful trader. The core strategy gives a simple step by step process to increase the odds of a successful trade. It helps me know when and when not to trade as well as where and when to get in and out of a trade. I have renewed excitement about trading and feel I have a solid foundation to build upon. Thank you OTA! Thank you Steve Bobbit, watching out for that “monkey hammer”!

Trevor Smedley (Phoenix, AZ)

totally satisfied and thank OTA

I would say it is a best concept even for the person who does not know anything about shares. I am going totally satisfied and thank OTA to give this valuable treasure of knowledge. Good instructors who simplified the trading of shares.

Joy Lobo (Mumbai, India)

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