taught by traders who have actually walked the walk

Online Trading Academy teaches a skillset that makes it possible to replace virtually any form of income a person may have. Their classes are taught by traders who have actually walked the walk, and generally started out at the bottom of the learning curve. Their compassion and patience is so encouraging. One of the company’s best attributes is the ability of the student to repeat the classes as often as necessary to totally grasp the subject matter. Truly a gift!

Ann Beatty (Toronto, Canada)

I am making progress toward my goal of becoming a trader

Having no former trading experience and little computer training, I was more than a little concerned about learning to trade. The OTA personnel have been so helpful and patient I am making progress toward my goal of becoming a trader. Thanks to all the instructors, mentors and student support personnel for their guidance and encouragement.

Warren Zatezalo (Atlanta, GA)

The course is helpful and it was very well explained

The course is very excellent and especially for the beginners who are new to trading. The course is helpful and it was very well explained by the instructor. Would like to thank my instructor as well for taking an effort in explaining the things in detail. I have completed my course last week itself and have already started trading. I would definitely suggest and recommend other people as well to take up this course as it is really worth it and that too in quick time and live trading experience.

Vishal Gupta (Mumbai, India)

OTA is a catalyst of learning

OTA is not my first school for online trading. It is my third. The first two were great at presenting strategies and information; however, they were often late to the ways of the market and fast to move on to the next town. One of the many strengths of OTA is their brick and mortar schools, the constant updating of curriculum to provide the best pathways for students to achieve their financial and personal goals. Instructor-wise, I have not seen a better team of individuals dedicated to providing the information and motivation for we (the students), to transform our lives to not benefit only ourselves, but all that surround us. This may sound trite. It is not. The OTA folks (Leadership, Instructors,and Support Personnel practice this all day, every day.)
I am still paper trading and over the last few months am gaining confidence. I still have 2 asset classes to go and I am so excited to do so. OTA is a catalyst of learning.

Marty Strohecker (Atlanta, GA)

I tell you that it can’t get any better

The Denver Trading Academy is a great learning center. I like all the great student support. I just had a student support class with Ryan, which is held weekly, and it was so helpful. John brings to the center the most outstanding instructors. I just had a class with Bob Dunn. My student counselor, Tony, is always available to help me. I tell you that it can’t get any better. The staff and students are all so helpful. Love it.

Donna Lachman (Denver, CO)

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