the difference is like night and day

I have traded since the 1980s and never had any success because all the books I read and seminars I attended all taught technical analysis…which doesn’t work. Then I discovered OTA and learned how to trade using order flow; and the difference is like night and day.

Steve Gould (Portland, OR)

I love our trading center in Phoenix

I love our trading center in Phoenix. It is really family to me. Here, everyone is very helpful in many ways. The instructors and support staff, like Jenifer, Joe and Ron, provide personal assistance and guidance to achieve our goals, even if it takes a long time until the knowledge and experience blend together. They are also very helpful even when it comes to helping with a dead battery in the car. When my car’s battery died, my Road Assistance offered to tow my car to a body shop to the change battery. Consider that I live 3 hours away, it would be a long and stressful experience. But thank God for friendly staff who is helpful not in words only. Toure Gray helped to change the battery in 30 minutes, so much for faster help from Road Assistance. Trading is not easy but with our staff here, learning how to trade is possible.

Yelena Arevalo (Phoenix, AZ)

Much due diligence brought me to OTA and I’m glad it did

Countless books and online tutorials brought me to the conclusion that I needed formal training if I ever wanted to make money trading. Much due diligence brought me to OTA and I’m glad it did. I completed the first course, Core Strategy, in April 2017 with Tillie Allison. She presents this information thoroughly yet in a manner not to overwhelm anyone new to trading. I recently completed Professional Futures Trader taught by John Rowland. His delivery of the OTA coursework along with his experience and market insight are informative and entertaining. Both are active, successful traders and utilize the same methods they teach. I would recommend OTA to anyone eager to gain knowledge and make money in the markets.

Mark Hurt (Kansas City, MO)

the KC OTA represents a life-changing learning and wealth building experience

The Kansas City office of the Online Trading Academy is a premier online trading educational facility and organization. The support and teaching personnel are second to none; and the facility is superbly maintained. To me the KC OTA represents a life-changing learning and wealth building experience. I have enjoyed taking their Core Strategy and Futures Trading courses; and, now have the opportunity for a career as an online trader building income and wealth. I highly recommend the Kansas City Online Trading Academy to anyone who aspires to become proficient at financial, equity and futures trading.

Wendell Harkleroad (Kansas City, MO)

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