missing piece of our educational system

I find these seminars very educational because it is more than trading. A sort of the missing piece of our educational system. People become successful in their career but inept when it comes to finances. They work for years and retire and many have never really learned how to take care of one of the most important aspects of life, money, until it is too late. Others delegate their finances to brokers who in many occasions don’t know or have their best interest at heart, or don’t understand what their client wants. I found that the Academy teaches you trading, but in the process also the missing link of all financial possibilities regardless of what avenue you take. Ignoring financial knowledge in a capitalist society makes us blind to a vital part of our life, limiting our success, and making us a target to unscrupulous consultants or wrong decision from institutions.

Ileana Gonzalez-Monserrat (Los Angeles, CA)

hands on method of teaching made it easier for me to understand

Josip has a systemic and comprehensive approach to teaching. He is a treasure trove of knowledge and has a unique way of disseminating information with illustrations and examples in a way we could understand. Each day, he prepared a lesson plan and stated his goals and objectives and reviewed it at the end of the session. His hands on method of teaching made it easier for me to understand difficult concepts. This was a very informative options class. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Josip Causic is an asset to Online Trading Academy.

Jennifer Griffith (Atlanta, GA)

The class was most beneficial for me

Rian Bechtel is passionate about having a Trade Plan and has developed an excellent class on not only how to put it together, but why it is one of the most important things you can do to be a successful trader. The class was most beneficial for me in developing a focus about how to move forward, stick to the plan, and adapt where necessary. Truly a living document, not just something to throw on the shelf. Thanks, Rian, for a very beneficial class!

Doris McGee (Denver, CO)

Wants to see everyone succeed

Gabe Velazquez has turned around my trading… He’s taught me his PDF (process, discipline, focus) formula which I grade myself on every day. He’s also taught me to keep it simple and trade only in the extremes. I’ve cut way down on the amount of trades I make. Unfortunately, like most traders I had to learn the hard way. Gabe’s heart is in it and wants to see everyone succeed. Thank you Gabe.

John McInerney (Global Territories)

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