There just is NOTHING I have found to even compare

I can’t say enough about these classes as there is no comparison that I’ve come across that even holds a candle to this Academy; and I’ve been in and out of colleges all over for over 40 years! There just is NOTHING I have found to even compare. Classes are intense and I get quite exhausted, but it sure feels good when I get to my trading! I am now confident and enjoying my trading decisions SO much more.

DeAnna Decker (Los Angeles, CA)

This class exceeded my expectations

Pro Trader is a fast paced 7 day class designed to teach the process, rules, and platform at the basic level. There is A LOT of instruction and practical application in a live environment. I expected to walk away understanding “how” and “why” to execute a trade. This class exceeded my expectations. Much like playing a musical instrument, learning the notes doesn’t mean one can make music. We’ve been taught the notes. Practice will make the process easier, and specific training in the desired asset along with the wealth of help offered through OTA will have me playing music very soon. Thanks for a great week!!

Michael Williams (Kansas City, MO)

he manages to conduct a class that is fit for everyone

Chris Muldoon is the best ever. I recommend him to all students at any kind of level because he manages to conduct a class that is fit for everyone! I love his examples and personally cannot have enough of him. I will miss him after this week! That is my highest compliment. Very pleased and very thankful to him. And to the Academy for having him.

Lesbia Hansen (Orlando, FL)

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