This futures class was so awesome

This futures class was so awesome! Wayne did a great job of leading the class with his knowledge & really helped everyone grasp the concepts. He was thoughtful of the class as a whole and really focused on each student and their questions. The highlight of his class was learning the breakout trades which I don’t believe would have been so emphasized through other instructors! He went into a lot of detail on how to become successful with them in a short period of time, & is even answering questions through e-mail after class as I think of them! Thank you, Wayne & OTA, for everything you do, I am so excited and happy I have decided to become a student with you!

Larissa Dirks-Bingham (Seattle, WA)

wonderful, patient and supportive

I have been a student of Online Trading Academy (OTA) since May of this year (2017). I cannot tell you how wonderful, patient and supportive I have found both the staff and instructors to be. I will straight up tell you, I am a handful…. Being from the Midwest it is in my nature to tell you if I’m unhappy, if I disagree with you, etc., so for me to post a stellar review is more the exception than the rule for a company. I graduated from college with a criminal justice major (Bachelors) and Paralegal Certification (Master’s Certification). In my 30s I raised my children (stay at home mom) and in my 40s I became a teacher. I have absolutely NO BACKGROUND IN FINANCE, business, etc. When I saw the process on how they teach us to trade in the 3 day class I was blown away cuz there’s a specific step-by-step process that ANYONE can do. I have continued to be impressed by the support provided. There are literally HUNDREDS of videos to watch to reinforce what you’ve been taught and then you can take advanced videos to expand your knowledge base. As a former math and special education teacher, I can tell you that success comes from consistent practice and this is what makes OTA so amazing! For the few posts I have read where people were unhappy, I am inclined to think they did not reach out to the staff and get the support that is available. I have called and been assisted with various tasks, such as uploading a trading platform, getting help on how to use worksheets, and what videos to watch before taking an upcoming class so I will be better able to understand the content. When I signed up I included my 15 year old who will be taking classes next summer and I have NO DOUBT he will do extremely well…. He is in school, he knows how to study, and the motivation to succeed is reinforced with the community provided by OTA, such as the mastermind group (this is an upgrade where regular/novice students, such as myself, have access to teachers and highly successful students wherein I can ask questions, read blogs on how others succeeded, get tips for trades, etc.) What I am impressed also with this company is that if you DON’T upgrade to the mastermind level (and not everyone can afford it) when taking the classes, the teachers provide their email addresses to send them questions or get feedback on trades AND we are provided with information on which FREE WEBSITES outside of OTA we can use to assist us in evaluating assets/trades. Mastermind is not a goal that we students are told we need to purchase to be successful. Honestly, there’s a reason some people are successful and others aren’t and it’s not because of where they were educated. I could continue to go on and on and on but I think my point has been made. This is a company that cares about the success of its students, is constantly updating its software and worksheets, and has responded to my phone calls/questions which quite honestly have been on border-panic mode a couple times. Definitely would give 10 stars if I could.

Monica Maryland

so happy that I found this school

I just finished my Option Class today. My instructor, Larry Jacobson, was the best instructor for Options class. He made a very difficult class seem easy. I highly recommend this school if you want to learn how to trade like a professional. I’m so happy that I found this school.

Bessie Blazejewski (Irvine, CA)

A great place to be educated in trading successfully

A great place to be educated in trading successfully by experienced traders and student centered instructors. Having the support people at the Vienna location, both support staff and content providers, is an essential part of being successful in your market trading endeavors. Nice place to be, nice place to learn, nice place to feel supported for success.

Joseph Nocerino (Washington DC)

They go above and beyond

Houston OTA is state of the art and the staff couldn’t be any better. They go above and beyond to help each and every student to succeed. Their kindness and support is very noticeable as well as their Christian faith is. I learned so much from Houston OTA, and I am very eager to learn more as I develop each and everyday.

Chris Gehman (Houston, TX)

great place to learn investing

OTA provides good environment; nice and clean facility, good student services and supports. The counselors are well prepared for student’s educational goal. The videos online are very helpful. I had a full understanding of Core Strategy after watching the 6 videos (one hour each). The instructors in the video online are very detail oriented, patient and professional. This is a great place to learn investing.

Julia H. (Irvine, CA)

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