OTA breaks down the concepts of trading into easily digestible pieces

OTA was exactly what my sister and I were looking for. We knew very little about making money through investing and absolutely nothing about trading. OTA breaks down the concepts of trading into easily digestible pieces and provides an over abundance of online training resources in addition to classroom training. I found OTA staff to be very friendly and supportive. My sister and I not only gained access to information and training that will assist in meeting our financial goals but made a new friend. Thank you, Charles Brooks, for being so supportive and accommodating.

Renae Polk (Washington DC)

truly a school that cares for the students’ success

The Online Trading Academy is truly a school that cares for the students’ success. When you sign up for one course you become a member of the academy for life. As a member you can retake the course over and over again. The staff at Ridgefield Park are always friendly and helpful. The instructors are professional traders and some of them were students at the Academy. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who is committed to becoming a successful trader. Luis Losas has always been very helpful and does a good job as a Student Support Specialist and Trade Station 101 class instructor. Last September I took a Core Strategy Review class with him and I was impressed with his performance as instructor. Great Job Luis!

Delma Hagen (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

The course is clear to understand

I did not know that I could have an idea about trading. But since I started the Core Strategy, all has become clear to me and I can’t wait to start practicing and trading as a professional. It increases my desire to be a trader. I feel passionate about trading since Mr. Jon has taught me the Core Strategy. I can say that Online Trading Academy is not only a place to learn but a family that is there to welcome anyone that has interest in trading to show him or her the right way to do it. I love their way of teaching and make students to be part of the family. Jon is a great instructor who knows how to diffuse the content of knowledge to students. He takes his time to go over things that seem complicated and made them simple to understand. I deeply appreciate that. The course is clear to understand and the visualization is perfect with colorful charts and diagrams.

Mekonnodji Nadingam (Philadelphia, PA)

you need a company that is very serious about your future

After taking Futures, Options and Forex, the simplest way to explain how I feel is “Use the Demo accounts until you get sick of it”. So at the time you are ready to trade live, you will start to do what was taught in the class. All of the great bowlers have a coach, no different in trading; you need a company that is very serious about your future to properly do the right steps in trading.

Anthony Cariello (Phoenix, AZ)

Thank God for this opportunity!

I’m embarking on a new journey and I’m so glad I picked Online Trading Academy in Atlanta! The support you get and the knowledge that the staff is willing to share with you is phenomenal! I’m like a new baby learning to walk and talk in the trading world. I feel empowered knowing that Online Trading Academy of Atlanta are my parents, walking with me and holding my hand every step of the way. Thank God for this opportunity!

Erica Dio (Atlanta, GA)

The attitude of all OTA associates is welcoming

I definitely learned how much I need to learn & there’s nothing quick or pie in the sky. I had no background, so it’s a new world & language. The attitude of all OTA associates is welcoming, warm & always helpful; they show complete patience & encouragement. For me, it’ll be a bit longer road than some, but I’m confident in OTA to bring me along the path to trading acumen.

Jim Sundin (Atlanta, GA)

I am very thankful to be a part of this campus

I attended OTA 3 years ago. I struggled the past 3 years, and finally came back with the encouragement of my dear, sweet husband to reengage with OTA. Never once did I feel chided for not having returned sooner. My counselor, Adam Darwish, has supported my learning greatly, not only when I was there on campus but through e-mail and texting. He did everything he said he would do. I re-took the Futures class with Michelle Volmering, who remains a superb instructor. She really helps us to understand the process. She gave us many handouts to keep us on track when we returned home. She shared her passion and her life’s ups and downs to help us to feel normal and to have hope, encouraging us to persevere in our education. She goes over and beyond any requirement of duty by providing extra student help sessions with the on-line Mastermind Community (MMC), which she records live on the Atlanta campus, and with Focus Groups, which I was able to attend live while in Atlanta for the week. I live out of state, so I regret that I can’t attend these bimonthly sessions regularly, but I thank the Lord they have the Mastermind community online. Also, I have found the online XLTs extremely helpful. The on campus support staff offers their assistance with very engaging charm. I really appreciate all of the staff, and I want to give a big thank you to Vheda, who helped me with my laptop. She is very competent and spent the necessary extra time to help me with a cheerful attitude. Also, Celeste, David Dobbs and Edmond Gutnecht all helped with enthusiasm during and outside of class. They never made us feel like a burden, or stupid, but instead patiently encouraged and challenged me personally. I admire Taylor Frame as an excellent instructor. I took him a few years ago, but he was very encouraging when I was there on campus last week. Since I did attend 3 years ago, I want to add that OTA has continually re-evaluated and updated their material. I had heard references to the changes while listening to the XLTs online. Therefore, I revisited the online Foundations classes and the Futures classes and found many good changes that clarified what I was seeing in the markets. I want to give a big thank you to Kappa Man in the MMC. He too showed a lot of patience with us students, helping us understand Michelle Volmering’s definitions of levels. Right after joining MMC, I listened to him and felt like the expense was worth it. Furthermore, the online support chat group offers a great deal of help. They work behind the scenes so I want to let them know that I appreciate them. I am very thankful to be a part of this campus and hope, with their continued help and support, to persevere and succeed in the near future with trading, remembering that I don’t have to win even 50% of the time to be successful.

Rita Zartman (Atlanta, GA)

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