Wants to see everyone succeed

Gabe Velazquez has turned around my trading… He’s taught me his PDF (process, discipline, focus) formula which I grade myself on every day. He’s also taught me to keep it simple and trade only in the extremes. I’ve cut way down on the amount of trades I make. Unfortunately, like most traders I had to learn the hard way. Gabe’s heart is in it and wants to see everyone succeed. Thank you Gabe.

John McInerney (Global Territories)

100% student focused organization

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is a professionally managed, 100% student focused organization. Their education is well thought out and teaches an extremely disciplined approach to trading using a highly effective rules based supply and demand strategy. No other trading training organization that I have reviewed focuses more on rules based trading. Their lifetime membership to their Extended Learning Track and MasterMind communities are the main reason I was willing to commit to the OTA.

Tony Fazio (Ridgefield Park, NJ)

Thanks to OTA and their trainers

I started my OTA course in 2011. I also joined XLT training at that time only. When I started only 12 to 20 students were there in XLT. Overall, I could not succeed in making money from this training. However, I do not blame OTA for that. Most of the time I never followed the rules and therefore I could not succeed in my trades. From January 2018 onwards I am trying to make less losses in my trades. My main problem is that I always try to average the price instead of using stop losses. Due to this practise, my investments in shares are huge according to my finances. Now slowly, slowly I am coming out of this mess. I always attend the XLT class in the morning. I have started following the rules and slowly, slowly I am getting success. My aim is to first recover the losses. Thanks to OTA and their trainers for this slow success. Thanks, wish you all good luck.

Raghuveer Dhawale (Mumbai, India)

The courses are packed with information

OTA is a great and insightful way for an individual to build upon knowledge about the trading world. The courses are packed with information to suit people who are new to trading. The staff are friendly and answer all questions that are addressed to them, highly recommend OTA for all ages.

Della Rose (London, UK)

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