top notch instructors with decades of trading experience

I’ve found The Online Trading Academy location in San Diego, to be a great place to not only learn about the various markets, but also how to trade them. They have top notch instructors with decades of trading experience (some of the instructors were even former Floor Traders from the stock exchanges!). The San Diego location has an environment that is very conducive to learning. OTA’s Student Support Specialist, Kyle Sandburg, has been outstanding, and has done a fantastic job in getting me enrolled, and placed into all the classes I needed. I would highly recommend anyone interested, in the markets, to look into OTA.

Kevin Won (San Diego, CA)

a tremendous asset to my trading

Walker’s class helped me to identify currencies with trading opportunities! After learning the basics I could find zones, just felt lost trying to identify currency pair opportunities. Walker’s routine and RRR style have been a tremendous asset to my trading. I would highly recommend Walker England.

Julia Savage (Charlotte, NC)

Rick Wright did an excellent job of presenting materials

I have only completed the orientation thus far, but had to say that instructor Rick Wright did an excellent job of presenting materials, principles of OTA trading and, worst of all, the ugly reality of just how markets work to the overwhelming disadvantage of the little guy. I was inspired enough by Rick’s presentation to sign up for the Mastermind course without reservation. Thanks again, Rick.

Jeffrey Schultz (Tampa Bay, FL)

We actively trade each day during regular trading hours

Our day as student traders at OTA starts early (here in Seattle that means 6:00am!). Fortunately, the location is great, parking plentiful, the offices warm and inviting. Hot coffee/tea and snacks await as we begin our journey down another of the many paths to becoming professional day traders. Our instructors come from everywhere (this week Jerry Baldwin hailed from Chicago) bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm and ready to impart their wisdom and extensive experience. We actively trade each day during regular trading hours, rejoicing in our wins, boo-hooing our losses as we continue to hone our ever increasing knowledge and skills. Trading can be a bit lonely, but at OTA you are part of a family, all of whom are here to make your journey fun, exciting and rewarding. Our success is their success! Thanks to all here in Seattle: Bill, Gerri, Franklin, Darlene, (and this week Jerry Baldwin) and most especially my fellow students! Happy Trading!

BJ Torres (Seattle, WA)

Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements

I just took the core class for the second time. Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements. The new tools are easy to use. Brock Pierce is a very good instructor. He was dedicated to making sure all the core concepts were understood. I always learn something new at OTA-Houston. All of the staff are like family. Students are received warmly by everyone. If you are looking for a quality education and you want to get it from folks who care, you are looking in the right place.

Bob Matthews (Houston, TX)

we cannot say enough good things about OTA

My husband and I joined OTA in November, and we cannot say enough good things about OTA. The wealth of information they have to offer is unbelievable, and it all makes so much sense! The instructors are amazing, and the student support and other staff genuinely care about our success as students. Every day I learn more about the exciting world of trading and am able to put it into action. Thank you, OTA!

Sandy Wiita (Minneapolis, MN)

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