Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements

I just took the core class for the second time. Wow! I cannot believe all the changes and improvements. The new tools are easy to use. Brock Pierce is a very good instructor. He was dedicated to making sure all the core concepts were understood. I always learn something new at OTA-Houston. All of the staff are like family. Students are received warmly by everyone. If you are looking for a quality education and you want to get it from folks who care, you are looking in the right place.

Bob Matthews (Houston, TX)

we cannot say enough good things about OTA

My husband and I joined OTA in November, and we cannot say enough good things about OTA. The wealth of information they have to offer is unbelievable, and it all makes so much sense! The instructors are amazing, and the student support and other staff genuinely care about our success as students. Every day I learn more about the exciting world of trading and am able to put it into action. Thank you, OTA!

Sandy Wiita (Minneapolis, MN)

Thanks a lot for your guidance and support

Hi Team OTA and Dan, I have just completed my core strategy class today (2/9/18) at Scottsdale branch. I am lucky enough to have you, Dan, as an instructor. Last 7 days, I learned a lot about OTA core strategy, the process, the strategy and many tips and tricks. I understand that it will take time for me to be a successful trader, but I believe I am getting the excellent guidance and support to make it happen. Jenafer, Ron, AJ and Joel – Thanks a lot for your guidance and support. Two months back I attended the 1st session with many questions and now I am beginning to think being part of OTA family. Dan, you are a great instructor, with an ocean of knowledge. Along with Core strategy, your session on TLs, TLB, candle sticks, wedges are great. Your guidance on how to approach and manage the trade to come out as more successful will really help me in my future. I hope I will attend your sessions again. (As Dan’s previous graduate 🙂 ) Thank You.

Pashantra Mishra (Phoenix, AZ)

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