I picked up so much more technical knowledge and clarity

This is my second time around taking the Futures Trading Course with John Rowland. Wow! What an experience!… I picked up so much more technical knowledge and clarity. John is full of passion and possess an enormous amount of insight in this dynamic industry. His explanations and examples are real and inspiring. I feel that the ground is a little more firm…no more egg shells. Thank you again.

Pat Granata (Toronto, Canada)

our class had a blast

Mr. John Rowland is a market maker. He dissected the anatomy and psychology of the market for us to understand trading. He is awesome and our class had a blast. Thanks, John.

Satianund Loll (Toronto, Canada)

He is extraordinary in his teachings

Reggie is by far the best professor I know. He is extraordinary in his teachings. He made the class very engaging and brought it home to each of us in his examples. Each and every student received one on one attention and guided us through the trading routine. Due to the fact that I and others had to leave a day early for personal reasons, Reggie made sure he incorporated all the material in the days we were present so we could get the most out of the class and not miss any important information. He stuck to the topics required to learn in the course, and on top of that gave us more of his outside knowledge to make us better traders in the market. Reggie treated each and every one of us with utmost respect being sensitive to our experiences. He was nothing but professional in this environment. Reginald RingGOLD truly is “GOLD.”

Mahesh Amin (Orlando, FL)

OTA is a world class market trading education company

OTA is a world class market trading education company. The instructor was first class, very knowledgeable and really cared that I was exposed to the best market training available. There is no way better to learn to trade the market than from a market maker himself – and a good one he is. My coach made sure that I stayed focused on the subject matter and encouraged me when I wasn’t at my finest. I traded the market years ago with few positive results. Now, after completing the Core Strategy course here at Online Trading Academy, I feel confident that my future trading will take a huge leap in the right direction. I feel confident that I can be successful. Thank you Tim, Kareem and OTA. Thanks and Blessings.

Buddy Smith (Austin, TX)

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