I am truly grateful

My experience with the academy is limited due to my lack of focus. I was the one who paid for the classes, looked at some of the xlts and then never moved forward with the actual trading. Never pushed the button. I took time away from the school while trying to focus on building an automotive company. Things were going well and as soon as they went south, I got an unexpected call from one of the counselors. Needless to say, she was right on time because I needed some motivation to get back on track with my trading, And I am, still, paying for it. I appreciated the fact that someone that I didn’t know or hadn’t met before took interest in my lack of focus and/or progress. I am truly grateful for the push she gave me.

Martez Fletcher (Washington DC)

There can be no question about who are the go-to teachers in Trading

I’ve not known of any other Trading Course that carries such a sense of substance and safe and sound, but courageous hands. With the life-long learning, and the global lifelong membership approach, there can be no question about who are the go-to teachers in Trading. In the first 3 days of introduction, once the euphoria of knowledge kicks in, the Online Trading Academy will teach you how to actually navigate and land the proverbial airplane of Trading, as well as take off from the ground. I think most traders think they are professionals just because we can grab the steering wheel of the proverbial airplane in mid air, and then pretend to ourselves that we can fly and we are pilots (an analogy the wonderful Teacher Jose would appreciate). This misconception is easily done. With the Online Trading Academy, they will take you beyond just 3 days of euphoric knowledge and value towards the viable substance of education.

Kehinde Adeyemi (London, UK)

It has been a very good experience

It has been a very good experience attending core strategy at the center. Instructor, Mr. Mahesh Kamath is quite co-operative and the pace of the class is quite good and easy to understand. Support staff is very cordial and thanks to Mr. Sagar and Mr. Hemant and OTA staff for making all the necessary arrangements.

Vivek A. (Ahmedabad, India)

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