You’re a life changer in my life, for sure!

I know we were blessed to have such an absolutely phenomenal teacher for our Forex class. Thank you, Nikki, great job!!!!!!!! I know that you know just what you’ve done for each one of us because it’s your story too and you’ve been there. Thank you so much. You’re a life changer in my life, for sure!!!!!! Thank you again!!!!

Nico P. (Vancouver, Canada)

I strongly approve of OTA

When I joined OTA I was still driving a truck over the road and found it was hard to study. I have tried other places that told me they would help me with how to trade and make money, I found out, to me, they were all scams, They took my money but never helped me. When I retired I started really getting into OTA, started going to classes, and the instructors here are real. They really help you in anything you need help in. I feel that they will make me a better trader. I know they keep telling you to follow the rules; when you think you do not have to follow the rules is when you will fail. I strongly approve of OTA and am very glad that I joined this group and I always pray to the good lord that he will make me a very successful trader where I will be able to help other people, that is my goal in life.

Jack Davison (Charlotte, NC)

OTA is a great organization

OTA is a great organization with a great community. Well organized, warm hospitality, and knowledgeable instructors. Finished Core Strategy class with John M. last month, and finished Futures class this month with Jerry B. Both great instructors. Huge fan of Darren, an amazing and brilliant instructor. I am confident this is going to change my financial future with such a deep understanding of trading. Great support system. Glad to be a part of it.

Raj G. (Irvine, CA)

Online Trading Academy has given me the tools to create daily income

I was an eager beaver when it comes to learning something beneficial for my family’s financial betterment. But I’m at an age where certain learned information needs to be schooled to me with patience and repetition. At Online Trading Academy, the instructors are amazing (Industry professionals, and patient). Online Trading Academy has given me the tools to create daily income and manage retirement funds. Their information is so important that every attendee I have talked to says, “I wish I started this when I was younger; and the young ones say, I’m glad I started this now”. I am so happy I signed me and my 20 year old son Wyatt up, who is also a finance major at Salem State University. Thank you OTA!

David DesRoches (Boston, MA)

RIGHT ON! Is how I would describe Tille Allison

RIGHT ON! Is how I would describe Tille Allison. Tillie is also easy on the eyes. She read her students well and anticipated our questions when we struggled with understanding. She demonstrated tolerance and patience over my past/poor understanding with old ideas- like with “support and resistance.” Right about the time when I was feeling professionally inadequate as compared with my peers, Tillie invited Don Dawson in. Don helped me realize that ” being in Farming” was all I needed to feel like I belonged. I have not been especially successful in farming; after Don’s short visit, I can see where my Agriculture experience may help provide a valuable lens into viewing a variety of markets.

Tess McKnight (Kansas City, MO)

a very valuable asset indeed

In my experience, Online Trading Academy never leaves anyone behind. I’m in my 80’s and at a point I was stymied in my learning curve and the staff at Washington, D.C location kept in touch and scheduled for me one on one instructions, a very valuable asset indeed. I am very pleased with the professionalism and care the staff have about their students.

Joel Roberson (Washington DC)

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