the necessary foundation for my personal goals

OTA (Hollywood, FL) has provided outstanding guidance and the necessary foundation for my personal goals and objectives in regards to a profitable trading career; becoming a life changing experience for me. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, the institution has superb instructors; they just make it very easy and fun to learn! From time to time they also bring experts from all over world to share their Market insights. I recommend Online Trading Academy to all in a heartbeat. In short, clearly exceptional people bring out exceptional results.

Ricardo Hernandez (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Thanks, OTA, for this opportunity

Thanks Ryan, I learned a great deal today in class and am looking forward to writing my first Trade Plan. Thanks, OTA, for this opportunity to engage with amazing instructors and a supportive trading community. Here’s to a prosperous 2019!

Katie Bauman (Denver, CO)

Wayne does a great job

Wayne does a great job describing this method to enhance Core Strategy trading. Today he tied in a comparison between the candlestick chart supply zones and demand zones with how they are manifested on the Point & Figure chart. Wayne is also great fun.

Patrick Kershaw (Kansas City, MO)

I am a beginning trader and these strategies are great

Thank you for hosting Wayne Sandburg (weekly) in the Mastermind Community Clubhouse. His sharing of a number of Point and Figure strategies (in conjunction with OTA SZ/ DZ) has been a massive leg up for me. I am a beginning trader and these strategies are great for someone who needs a reliable income stream. It does not hurt that he has a lovely, self-effacing manner, and a great sense of humor. I cannot say enough good things about this man, and the group of traders (friends) that provide support during his one hour sessions. Thank you OTA!

Patricia Zander (New York City, NY)

Wayne’s sessions are amazing

Wayne’s sessions are amazing. Please let him do a spotlight session and/or a multi-day class delving into options on futures (FTYBR, Boxcars, etc…). He is a wonderful contributor and I would love to get a session longer than an hour.

Lisa Highberger (Charlotte, NC)

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