Whatever you do, do not give up

I took my first OTA class in January 2014. From January until now I traded every day, never giving up, always knowing that one day I will be a successful trader. I knew that if other people could figure out how to trade and do well with the Online Trading Academy strategy I could also learn it and do well with it. Believe me, along the way it was a huge struggle and I certainly had my doubts. I was one of those traders who just had to trade with a live account because “I understood the OTA strategy and I was going to be the one to make it work right out of the gates.” Unfortunately, it did not work out that way for me. I lost about 50% of my account. For the past 10 months I struggled trying to understand why my application of what I thought was the OTA strategy was causing me to lose consistently. As I progressed I found out over and over that I did not understand what I did not understand. Along the path I came to many startling revelations about how price action actually works. It took me 10 months of learning the behavior of price action, all along going from consistently losing money to eventually becoming a break even trader and now being able to trade and make money. I am sure that many of you can relate to the frustrations that I had to go through before everything all of a sudden made sense and entering into winning trades became much easier and much more certain. This past month (October 2014) I was able to increase my account by 40% and am now consistently seeing mostly winning trades. I am a long way from monetary success as my account size is still quite small, but I know now that what I can do with a small account, I will eventually be able to with a large account. It is not how much money you are making each week, but it is consistent winning trades that show that finally I have the skill to make trading a life-long career. I want to thank all of the instructors at OTA who helped me through all of the obstacles in learning to trade successfully. The costs are high, as you all know, and failure was not an option. I stayed with it no matter what, all the waking up early to set up trades before going to work and all the late nights listening to XLT’s have finally paid off. All of the financial cost and all of the pain was worth it. It really was worth it. For those of you who are reading this and who are still struggling to make the OTA strategy work, do not give up! Whatever you do, do not give up. You will eventually reach your goal. Thanks for everything, OTA!

Erick Venden (Tampa Bay, FL)