Congratulations if you have decided to give OTA a shot

I started with Online Trading Academy in April of 2013, after reading an advertisement on the internet. I had been looking for a trading/investing strategy for years that made sense to me and that worked. Online Trading Academy’s strategy is no get rich quick scheme, nor is it yet another snake oil product like so many others that only ends up bilking you out of your hard earned money with little chance of real, sustainable success. I have now taken three of the Online Trading Academy classes, Pro Trader, Professional Options Trader and Professional Futures Trader. Since taking the classes I have been actively trading the Index Futures (ES, NQ and YM) for the past 2 months, while also immersing myself in the training XLTs. I have been primarily trading in simulation using the TradeStation platform, and I am also starting to trade live in the market on a limited basis with success. What I can say, without any doubt, about Online Trading Academy’s product is that it simply works. My biggest challenge which I am working to overcome is not learning the techniques that Online Trading Academy teaches, although this does require that you put the time in if you want the best results. My biggest challenge is controlling my emotional excitement at how well the techniques actually work. Once you see how well it works, you need to control the natural impulse to think that every trade will work out. So, for anyone who may be thinking that the Online Trading Academy program is too expensive or, in their mind, unproven, I would urge you to get beyond your fear, even though that fear is justified because of all the other programs out there that require way too much time and effort and don’t really work, and Trust the Online Trading Academy program. In fact, I would suggest that you need to be prepared to be surprised just how well it actually does work and you will find that you will need to curb your enthusiasm and emotions. If you follow the program, and you can follow your plan with discipline and minimize your emotional involvement when trading, you will achieve your objective with Online Trading Academy. One last thing I will add is that all of the OTA staff are real professionals and actually have a genuine interest in your success. Congratulations if you have decided to give Online Trading Academy a shot. If you are still on the fence, keep in mind that this is one of those decisions that really could change your life.

Robert S. (New York City, NY)